Sunday, April 18, 2010

Experimenting With eBay

Trees 3 5X7" Acrylic on Paper

At last! The small images are going out to world view. The two tree paintings shown in the previous post are for auction on eBay and #3 will be added today. The process is amazingly simple. However, I was holding back because it was "season" in Sarasota. shows were coming up, meetings were happening too often...and mostly I was being timid about trying something new.

Want to bid? Go on line to eBay If you are not a member you can join (Free and Easy). Then type Marge Bennett in the empty space, choose Art as a category, and hit Search. You can be the first.

There are two images from the Tree Series showing at Elizabeth Stevens Gallery in Towles Court, Sarasota, FL. These are matted to 11X14" and look really handsome. They are shown here.

Trees 5 Acrylic on Paper 5X7"