Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Twenty (+or-) Concepts for New Posts

These are placed in tentative groups because it seems to me that a series of posts following some

train of interest would be appropriate. If the categories work out then a hanging file could be kept

for newer entries.

For the sake of brevity I am listing the kernel of my ideas. Each of the 20 has its’ page in my spiral



These ideas were listed here as part of "homework" for the blogging class referred to in an earlier

post. They are now housed on my computer and saved in my file. Hopefully they will appear as

developed ideas in coming weeks.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Gimmick" or Mirror of Our Times


Recycling into Art

Meet “Daisy”, an “art doll” created from throw away stuff: quilter’s scraps, a champagne cork, a paper towel core, assorted leavings of one sort or another. She came to be in an artist retreat and has been decorating my studio for a time. Daisy is a doll (and I love her) but is she art. Would you put her on a pedestal in hoYOUR home?

Recycling is a hallmark of our age. Should our art reflect this aspect of our times or does doing so “unart” the result.

A similar thought occurred to me as I considered the violin pictured on the April 23 post below. While painting this defined object I felt like I was baking with a cake mix. On the other hand most of us today do bake with mixes. Are our cakes still cakes? Painting the violin was so much fun that if someone had given me a batch of them instead of just one, I would be painting them still. Are having fun and making real art so mutually exclusive?

These are my musings on a sunny Saturday. Thoughts welcome from fellow musers.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Blog Triage-Lesson 1

With a commitment to building a more vibrant blog, I signed up for the 4-week Blog Triage class with Cynthia Morris ( and Alyson Stanfield ( Today's assignment is to describe the people I want to visit and read my blog.

So here goes. I really want EVERYONE to read and look at my blog. That way I can know what folks think and how my words and my art are communicating with the "everyperson" out there. Hearing from artists who are not part of my home circle sounds exciting. Having one of my "collectors" or some new art interested person weigh in would be a big boost. Finally, seeing the name of a close friend or one of the many who call me "Aunt Marge" on a comment post makes me smile now as I think about it.

The second part of the assignment is to state what I want to get from blogging.

On that subject: Writing posts about "art" and my art will, I hope, help me to clarify my own thanking and better focus my painting. efforts. Should I be lucky enough to get some feedback and conversation from readers, that would make my day. If some blogger should turn into a buyer that would support both my ego and my art habit.
Break out the champagne.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Bloomin' Violin, Marge goes Green.

This is a real violin. Actually it is an old one retired from service in the local school system. It is just as wonderful on the back side if I do say so myself. I painted it to be part of a fund raiser for the Sarasota Orchestra. As you can see it forms a part of the 'Bloomin Gardens series. Perhaps I will look for other recycled items to paint. Create a Green Series.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


'Bloomin Garden III

Hi, I'm Marge Bennett. I paint pictures of things and ideas that excite me. Art is my passion and my joy and I very much want to talk about it and share it with others.

The image above is from my current series. What is your reaction?

Can you tell that I live in Florida and that I loved Costa Rica? How do you think it might look in your home?