Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Gimmick" or Mirror of Our Times


Recycling into Art

Meet “Daisy”, an “art doll” created from throw away stuff: quilter’s scraps, a champagne cork, a paper towel core, assorted leavings of one sort or another. She came to be in an artist retreat and has been decorating my studio for a time. Daisy is a doll (and I love her) but is she art. Would you put her on a pedestal in hoYOUR home?

Recycling is a hallmark of our age. Should our art reflect this aspect of our times or does doing so “unart” the result.

A similar thought occurred to me as I considered the violin pictured on the April 23 post below. While painting this defined object I felt like I was baking with a cake mix. On the other hand most of us today do bake with mixes. Are our cakes still cakes? Painting the violin was so much fun that if someone had given me a batch of them instead of just one, I would be painting them still. Are having fun and making real art so mutually exclusive?

These are my musings on a sunny Saturday. Thoughts welcome from fellow musers.

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  1. Hi Marge;

    Daisy is cool and I don't see why someone would not like to have her grace their space.

    I noticed that you "love Costa Rica" and your voilin reminds me of CR. I spent a month-long art residency there a few years ago and have many fond memories.

    Fellow blogging student.