Sunday, May 10, 2009

"Let Them Eat Cake"

If you are like me, you make art museums and art shows a destination and you seek them out when you travel for other reasons. Coffee mugs are my link to the show and the artist...I love coffee and art so I make it a point to visit the gift shop in the hope of adding one more mug to my collection.
Recently a recipe for 5 Minute Chocolate Cake in a mug appeared in my in-box, courtesy of a fellow artist and chocolate lover. Of course I tried it and of course I ate it. My recommendation is to top it with whipped cream and a chocolate kiss. Care for the recipe?

Mix 4 T each of flour and sugar in mug
Add 2 T cocoa + 1 egg and mix thoroughly
Add 3 T each of milk, oil and chocolate chips + splash of vanilla
Mix a lot and place in micro wave on High
Try not to panic as it rises over the top of the mug.
Cool a little and EAT.

My mugs have reminded me of artists and their shows and they are fun to have for friends who share mt love of the brew. Simply query: "Modigliani or van Gogh"? Then pour a cup.

It occurred to me that using my mugs of cake could make for interesting dining conversation. I plan to use them when our small critique group meets at my studio. We can share ideas about the artists and eat chocolate at the same time.


  1. Cake for Mothers Day... chocolate cake! Wow!

    Thank you Marge, for such a wide-ranging series of ideas for artists!

    I think it is the blooming violin that stays in my mind... what an icon!

    The whole blog is very refreshing!


  2. HI Marge,

    I really liked the new Room wwith a City View! Bette

  3. Hi Marge,
    Congratulations on your acceptance of Room with a View. It is my kind of room! Do you have certain criteria that you use to decide on which shows/competitions to enter? I get overwhelmed when I look at the lists of opportunities in several local publications and websites. At this point I am not thinking of festivals. Any advice? Chocolate cake is the next thing on my agenda...thank you

  4. Beth, Thanks for the comment. Festivals are in another world. When it comes to shows I consider ease of entry and audience. This means that I look at the shows' record at PR and promoting participating artists. Prize money is important as an indicator of the organizer's credibility and the artists it will attract. I also consider such practical things as can I upload images. Do I know and respect the judge. Do I have anything that satisfies the requirements.
    All this said local loyalties, friendships and such will have me try at shows that fail all of the above.
    Lately I like small one or two person shows arranged far in advance. Gives me more work but also more control. Later, perhaps.
    Thanks for a thought provoking question.

  5. Marge,
    I love the fresh look of your website. It's a joy to read!

    I also love your idea of entwining your love of coffee, art, and mugs... making it a kind of destination setter. I guess this is part of the magic of being a collector. It gives an extra special meaning to any place and any journey, like you're on a quest. And how fun to ask your guests what artist they prefer as you prepare to offer them coffee.

    Thanks for making me smile this morning!

  6. Love the cake in a mug idea and recipe!