Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Phone Painting

Robert Genn of The Painter's Keys had what I considered an intriguing letter about painting on an iPhone. Now I have had an iPod since my last birthday and it does most things the iPhone does except phone and take pictures. I was hot to trot.
The iPod store said yes the new Brushes App. would work and I could have it as a download for $4.99. SOLD.
The Brushes program is listed under "entertainment" and it is clearly not intended as a Professional Tool (Whatever that is.) I have a Wacom Pad and Corel's Painter Program. At this point Brushes is, for me, more like finger painting. It is indeed glorious fun.
If you want to hear more about this tool and see iphone art by David Hockney and others, check it out on Painter's Keys. You might also enjoy the comments and discussion of digital art. Sorry, Robert Genn is generous about sharing but I was unable to make a link here.

Google Search gave me lots of amazing examples of phone art and a You Tube video of a portrait being created on iPhone.

We leave tomorrow for a short vacation with family. Those air miles will slip away as I practice painting on my iPod. May even share some of the results next week.

Sorry about the links. I will try again, but just now I must go pack. We leave at 6:30 AM.

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  1. Thank you Marge for the information in this post. I have been following peoples work on this for a while but having a little trouble finding everything again.
    It may be a good time to invest the app as my ipod touch goes everywhere I go. Ahh... the modern sketchbook.
    Thanks again!